Little Prince



The Little Prince package is just perfect for any boy’s birthday.

Included in this package is 1 personalised 20″ bubble balloon with blue circle tail. Also, included are 4 x 11″ chrome blue, 4 x 11″ dark blue, 4 x 11″ white, 4 x 11″ chrome silver, 4 x 11″ red latex balloons and 1 x blue orbz balloon

Choose the message you want to give this bubble the personal touch. We don’t print on our balloons we use a sticker, this sticker will start to very very slowly peel off after 2-3 days

This 20″ bubble balloon is a decoration balloon and can last for up to 7 days floating.

The orbz balloon can last up to 2 weeks floating

The 11″ balloons can last up to 12 hours floating

PLEASE NOTE: This bubble balloon is made out of stretchy plastic and MUST be kept in cool conditions, if subjected to extreme heat then the balloon may deflate. The bubble balloon does not pop very well, if you want a balloon that pops please order a 3ft confetti giant.

The orbz foil balloon does not react very well to changing temperatures, please be aware of this when transporting it from venue to venue

Foil balloons may pop in direct sunlight or extreme heat

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